Marijuana Being Opioid Epidemic Solution?

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Marijuana Being Opioid Epidemic Solution? Opioids are the powerful and highly addictive painkillers. They offer relief from severe pain but in the process put one in a euphoric state that feels so good that it often leads to addiction. Over the years, mortality rate linked to opioid overdose has increased significantly surpassing that of deaths caused by car crashes, violence and many other illnesses. Opioid overdose and abuse is today a public health disaster. While the U.S government has put in place measure to try and manage the situation, the available treatment and recovery options don’t seem to be working. Many opioid addicts, about 70% of those who go through rehabilitation, often relapse shortly after and a good number eventually die from overdose. The increase of back street opioids which…
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Politicians Busted For Drugs

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Politicians Busted For Drugs Cocaine and harmful marijuana drugs very common in today's world. Therefore, it should not be surprising that countless of the politician from all over the world are involved illicit drugs somehow. Some famous people suffer from addiction, this could be anyone, even your local state representative or congressman. Since the 80's it is known people dabble with cocaine. Many well-known state and federal politicians have even been arrested on behalf of drug charges. Willie Gandara Jr. Texas County Commissioner - Only a few months after Gandara said legalizing drugs were dangerous for the United States, he was arrested in February 2012 for allegations of drug smuggling. Diana Apodaca, the DEA spokeswoman, said she confirmed Willie Gandara Jr arrest as part of an inter-American investigation involving the…
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The Most Influential Drug Laws In The United States

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The Most Influential Drug Laws In The United States Aside from affecting nearly all aspects of a person’s life, the cost of dealing with drug trafficking, the abuse of illegal drugs and alcohol in the United States cost taxpayers an economy-wrecking number of about $442 billion annually. This is an alarming scourge that has not only turned this nation into one of addicts, but it is also destroying millions of lives, families, communities, and cities. In light of how much drugs and alcohol addiction is dividing the country, we can, in one way or the other, thank politicians and policy makers for finally recognizing the monumental problem facing us and enforcing various drug laws that are geared toward increasing the safety of America’s citizens by substantially reducing various drug addictions,…
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Costs of Opioids Epidemic to the Average Tax Payer

Drug Addiction
Costs of Opioids Epidemic to the Average Tax Payer The rate at which the increase of opioid related deaths has been on the increase over the years as it has actually tripled in number. Some drugs being abused include illegal heroin, prescription painkillers, e.g. oxycodone among many others. Many individuals are falling into the casualty of depending on different forms of drugs and for some, it is an acquired habit that they may have picked, for others it may be due to drug addiction which may have been caused by pharmaceutical medication while for other some underlying issues may have been the cause of the addiction. Whatever the cause this has brought a great strain on the average tax payers as there are things that they need to cater for…
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