Costs of Opioids Epidemic to the Average Tax Payer

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Costs of Opioids Epidemic to the Average Tax Payer

The rate at which the increase of opioid related deaths has been on the increase over the years as it has actually tripled in number. Some drugs being abused include illegal heroin, prescription painkillers, e.g. oxycodone among many others. Many individuals are falling into the casualty of depending on different forms of drugs and for some, it is an acquired habit that they may have picked, for others it may be due to drug addiction which may have been caused by pharmaceutical medication while for other some underlying issues may have been the cause of the addiction. Whatever the cause this has brought a great strain on the average tax payers as there are things that they need to cater for be it that they are addicts or not addicts.

Financial Costs

The budgets in the United States has been able to increase in order to help curb the problem related with the opioid epidemic. About $51 billion is invested in the fight and prevention against drug abuse in the United States. The expenses come in when there is need for treatment to be sought for various drug related infections such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and tuberculosis.

Nevertheless, there have been numerous premature deaths that have been caused by the use of opioids, the ruining of many live and the breaking up of terms of looking at it from an individual perspective, one ends up paying a lot with regard to insurance in order to help a person fighting addiction. One on normal occasions may use $3,435 on non-opioid-abusing individual while end up spending $19,333 on an opioid abuser or dependent abuser. Hence, one may actually end up spending more on the amount they normally spend with regard to hospital bills than they do on normal days.

Nevertheless, employers are also losing out as employees who become addicted tend to lose out on working hours which then makes one loose in terms of productivity as much as they would have wanted dude to the missed work days. Never the less, one ma also lose an employee to premature death which may end up taking the company back in terms of production as on average a company loses approximately $25.5 billion due to these factors.

In summary, one needs to understand that drugs are not a good option to turn much as it may be cheaper to get high, it actually more expensive to get treatment. Instead of having to be choose to be a dependent person on the family after one has suffered from drug abuse effects, one may easily opt to simply just not try them at all. Drugs have been known to have various effects to the CNS and this may even make one incapacitated. Instead of having to go through the struggle and add onto the pile of expenses a family and country already have, it is actually better not to starts at all.

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