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Politicians Busted For Drugs

Cocaine and harmful marijuana drugs very common in today’s world. Therefore, it should not be surprising that countless of the politician from all over the world are involved illicit drugs somehow. Some famous people suffer from addiction, this could be anyone, even your local state representative or congressman. Since the 80’s it is known people dabble with cocaine. Many well-known state and federal politicians have even been arrested on behalf of drug charges.

  1. Willie Gandara Jr. Texas County Commissioner – Only a few months after Gandara said legalizing drugs were dangerous for the United States, he was arrested in February 2012 for allegations of drug smuggling. Diana Apodaca, the DEA spokeswoman, said she confirmed Willie Gandara Jr arrest as part of an inter-American investigation involving the IRS and the FBI. In September 2011, Gandara said he could not support former El Pas’s representative, Beto O’Rourke, offering a congress because O’Rourke advocated the legalization of marijuana for Mexican cartels, “Drug Cylinder is a practice in the fight against the cartel,” she said is Gandara. “This is an insult to our men and women, by the law, and the darkest way to raise our children and young people to the effects of drugs.” In November 2012, Willie Gandara Jr. was sentenced to six and half years in imprisonment.
  2. Steve Katz, He Is A New York Assemblyman – he talked about following what you are teaching: Steve Katz talked against the legalization of marijuana as a harmful drug in the society last year, but Katz is also involved with this harmful drug. We know this from his arrested in March 2013 for marijuana possession. The Republican was arrested for speeding when a state agent smells marijuana in Katz’s car. A small bag of weed was found in Kat’s car. Steve Katz called the arrest “unfortunate incident,” but he said the incident would not interfere his public service in New York. He was already arrested for drunk driving in 2000, His rivals in the Primary Republic, Dario Gristina, asked him to resign, “he said this is not a behavior they expect from an elected official, especially a conservative county like theirs. He said, we have enough children who abuse drugs, and last we see is our elected representative arrested by the police for handling marijuana.
  3. Mike Crapo, Idaho Senator: Crapo was arrested in Arlington for drunk driving, in December 2012. Mike Crapo was arrested for drinking wine, and it was confirmed that his alcohol rate was 0.14, about twice the rate limit of 0.08. In his country, he was known as War against Mormon methamphetamine and he openly declared himself as teetotal, at that time, the CBS said that after drinking the tonic water, he took a drive to “try and relax” and the police stopped on their way home. He also admitted that he “drank alcoholic beverages from time to time in his apartment” and told his family, members and Mormon partners about his “bad choice.”.” Mike Crapo was sentenced to 180 days in imprisonment, after pleading guilty to DUI, and everything was dissolved. He was also asked to pay $ 250 in fines and court fees; his driving license was discontinued for one year, and he was asked to offer a DUI course.
  4. Mel Leblanc, He Is A Mayor in Arlington Texas. After an investigation lasting several months, the police report in February 2012 showed that the mayor of Arlington has been buying methamphetamine and marijuana from prostitutes for several years now. Mr. LeBlanc has been studied since July 2011, when his wife called candy 911 to express her fears of drugs, and some weeks ago he was released from rehabilitation. His wife gave the police a weed bag she had found in her husband room and added that he was on K2 day when she called candy 911 for help. LeBlanc admitted he had received drugs from a prostitute, but denied relapsing, and He keeps saying he did not know how the bag of meth gets into his room. He was declined to prosecute in December 2011 and he resigned from his office after the police report was released.

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