Differences Between Private and Public Insurance For Addiction Treatment

Differences Between Private and Public Insurance For Addiction Treatment Purchasing insurance for drug rehab can seem like a grueling task, especially because there are plenty of insurance firms out there offering different types of plans, plus the insurance lingo does nothing to make it easy to understand any of the processes. Essentially, there are several types of traditional health insurance plans available. They are standard group health plans that offer medical coverage, have a monthly premium, and include a network of providers such as doctors, hospitals and others who provide healthcare services. Private health insurance plans are run by private insurance companies, and once you purchase a plan, you can either pay for all or some of your coverage. These types of plans have open enrollment periods, and coverage starts…
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Obamacare and Mental Health

Drug Addiction, Medical
Obamacare and Mental Health   Healthcare changed for millions of Americans. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed allowing millions of Americans with pre existing conditions the chance to finally get health care coverage. The Affordable Care Act made several changes to the tax code with the intention to increase health insurance coverage, reduce the cost of healthcare, and finance health care reform. Prior to 2010 insurance companies were able to decline individuals based on their health. People were declined coverage for serious, expensive , life threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease. People were also turned down for coverage on pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, which affects 75 million Americans and diabetes which affects 100 million Americans. Mental health, pregnancy, obesity or history of drug abuse were also…
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